Under the magnifying glass

YAWN. It’s been a busy few days, what with World Book Day, Benedict Cumberbatch stalking and all (it’ll all make sense eventually, stay tuned).

So I’m a little late – but better than never – with our weekly examination/enabling of the ways people find PCP. Not that we’re not totally grateful! Do come back, all of you. One day we might actually have what you’re searching for.

dark magician girl porn

Apparently Dark Magician is a sexy monster from the Japanese manga Yu-Gi-Oh…


lesbian totally spies

Various permutations of “totally spies” have been cropping up for awhile, but I’ve been able to ignore it until now. For my pains, I discovered that it is a French cartoon that is like the Power Puff Girls crossed with Charlie’s Angels. And that is totally lesbionic, I’m sure.

angelina jolie armpit

It was only a matter of time before our accidental visitors’ fixation on armpits and my obsession with the pouty one converged.

This also satisfies famous armpit, sexy womens underarms, ladies armpit, armpits of actress and armpit girls only fetish. But not smelly armpit (I’m assuming) or furry lesbians.

do all heroines have hair in armpits

No, I’m pretty sure at least some heroines shave. Unless you’re talking about a specific time-period, pre razors and depilatory cream.

man naked covered in melted chocolate


yes top notch acting and completely different from his usual stuff. you’d think he’d have the pick of anything now, but rumour has it that he is set to reprise his role as mark darcy in bridget jones no. 3!

Who are you talking to? Have a pic of Colin Firth anyways. It’ll make my mum happy.

through the means of audio voices, disney was able to apply different accents to explicitly show their audience each individual character’s caste position. in kipling’s the jungle book the only way he can convey each character’s position in society is through the text itself. wolfgang reitherman, the disney director, made interesting choices when choosing exactly how each character should sound based on kipling’s novel. for example, shere khan’s accent is a very distinguished english accent, implying that he his of the upper class and highly educated. in fact, both the combination of khan’s powerful, upper-class voice and body actions makes other characters shake with fear while in his presence. khan remains the most ‘powerful’ character in both the book and movie, until mowgli finds education through the teachings of baloo. in kipling’s novel, kaa is depicted as a huge and powerful python, wise and more than a hundred years old. he uses his power to hypnotize others to save mowgli, his ally, from the monkeys. in the disn

Fascinating.  But how did that lead you here?

starless sequels

There are waaay too many of those. Check out Bring It On and American Pie.

miss penn is in what movie

I am in all the movies! Ok… perhaps not. But my dad is in Three Men and a Baby. So maybe I’m the Baby.

old disney princesses

Those Disney Princesses do tend to be rather teenaged, don’t they? The closest I could find is Julianne Moore as Ariel is Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream portrait series. At 50, she could be comfortably the 16-year-old mermaid’s grandmother.

don’t fuck whit my cartoon

I won’t! I promise.

cartoon of employer paying employee but keeping alot for themselves

Is this the cartoon I’m not meant to mess with? I couldn’t find one, so it’s safe.

Although I feel Snow White can be interpreted as such as an employer. She takes charge of the dwarfs who toil away all day, moving into their home, eating their food. Sure, she does housework, but she outsources much of the work to small animals. Even in death, she ends up with a pricey glass coffin.


johnny depp rely young

I do love Baby Depp.

porno dean and sam winchester

I DO love Porno Dean and Sam.

jensen ackles glasses

Totally believable as a hot geek. Totally.

non famous hot cowboys

Why would you want pictures of those? Ahh, I’m sure baby cowboy jensen counts, as he wasn’t famous when this was taken!

But if you’re going to insist, here’s Jared with plenty of non famous cowboys. Whether they’re hot or not depends on your standards and eyesight.

4 thoughts on “Under the magnifying glass

  1. In the name of equal opportunities I think we ought to try to become the number one resource for Cowboy Jared pics too! And/or start photoshopping the Js’ heads onto pictures of the Dallas Cowboys’ bodies?

    I don’t understand these super-long search terms… are people accidentally googling comments they’re trying to post? And if you did that why would you click? Peoples is strange.

    I never knew about your acting career, but it totes makes sense now I think about it.

  2. Yes, Cowboy Jared too! And then Cowboy Chace! WE WILL HAVE ALL THE CUTE COWBOYS IN THE WORLD.

    Peoples is v. strange. Maybe they’re looking for that chunk of text? Maybe they’re wondering if they’ve been ripped off in other sites? OR they’re on some odd trip and are having a discussion with Google.

    I feel like fame is doing its best to hunt me down. But I will not succumb.

  3. You could have used spongebob for the employer cartoon search…mr crabs is one tight employer & i suspect spongebob does not get the full minimum wage!

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