Is it us you’re looking for?

For some time now I’ve been bemused by the search terms that people have used en route to PCP .

On one hand it’s a useful way of seeing what drives people to our site and indicator of trend fluctuations, on the other it’s an often bizarre insight into people’s minds.

(Don’t get me wrong, if someone could see the stuff I type into Google, I’d probably be committed to the Looney Tunes bin).

I don’t think we’ve written a disproportionate amount about Disney*, but “disney princess” is by far the most frequently used search term, along with similar permutations. People love their Disney princesses. So much so that “disney porn” is another familar pairing of words on our dashboard. Most times, I admire their patience and persistence with finding whatever their Holy Grail, as we’re rarely on even the 10th page of the results… and I’m sure we hardly ever satisfy their info-craving either!

But why keep all this amusement and wondering to ourselves? Every Sunday, we’ll be sharing the funniest/most unusual search terms of the week.

romantic naughty elf

I guess it is almost that time of year. This gives me unpleasant memories of a elf costume I was made for the Christmas fete when I was 7… and then tried to stuff myself into again as a teenager. Neither naughty or romantic – just disturbing.

in the book taken by francine prose why did tom feel ashamed when he ignored silas outside dr. willners office

We’re actually on page 1 for this very specific quest, and as far as I can tell, Francine Prose hasn’t written a novel called Taken. However, the rather prolific and aptly monikered Ms. Prose does have a book on Anne Frank I wouldn’t mind flicking through.

cinderella sex slave cartoon

Kinky! I’d like to direct this person to Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbe’s gorgeously rendered Lost Girls graphic novel trilogy. There isn’t a sex slave Cinderella, but there is some erotic Disney-esque action. As well as better insight into what women find sexy.

jensen wonky eye

This isn’t so much amusing, as blasphemy. Jensen Ackles is perfect in every way, especially when it comes to his pretty, pretty eyes. Of course, they could mean Jensen from Tru Calling, and I’d be willing to let that one slide.

she became lesbian actress

We probably have Miss Day’s debut post to thank for this one. Are they curious about what turns people into lesbians? My theory: rainbow bubble bath.

*Buffy and Supernatural on the other hand…

4 thoughts on “Is it us you’re looking for?


    Love the naughty elf one and the cinderella sex cartoon! People do google the weirdest things to find websites- I wonder what the weirdest one I ever had was (besides the crazy stalker ones which of course we’re damn weird!) I’m gunna go look at pygmyponders dashboard and see what brought people there…

  2. Yea yours were really weird!! Haha. The sad thing I typed in “disney porn” yesterday and there were SO many websites seemingly dedicated (didn’t click, paranoid about viruses, to my computer and to my soul)… I can’t understand why they would think PCP could satisfy their needs.

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