We’re back… with company!

Sooo… Miss Thropist and I took an unplanned, extended blog summer holiday… we were busy binging on shampoo, hosting tea parties for tots, searching for elephants and speaking halting English to bemused Germans… and just being lazy! Yet the hits to this site keep on coming* and babbling about pop culture remains one of our favourite things to do, so we’ve decided to start things up again, and with a little more commitment… and a new Pop Culture Playmate!

Meet Miss (Penny) Day! She loves 80s, androgyny, victoriana, vampires and all things foodie, an eclectic mix that leads to lots of random writings and peculiar fan fictions. She’s also partial to TV lesbians, so check out her first post, coming up next.

I hope you’ll enjoy our return, and if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, drop us a line.

*Admittedly, many of these appear to be from people searching for Disney porn, but hey, we’re not judging…

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