Squee – It’s Glee!

Oh Glee, where have you been? Four months was way too long, even though I watched each of the 13 episodes at least three times. It’s the ideal entertainment – quirky, exuberant and undemanding. I’ve already watched “Hell-o”, the 14th episode, twice.

I really wish American TV didn’t do all these looong hiatuses in the MIDDLE of seasons. I’d rather have a guaranteed episode every week, and then long gaps in between the seasons. There’s so much that I want to sample on television and so many DVD box sets that I’d be able to entertain myself nicely in between shows. Because it’s all about me.

Hell-o” wasn’t one of my favorites (I usually think every episode is my new favorite, but perhaps the lull gave me more objectivity), but it was good fun. I liked the new characters – Idina Menzel as Shelby Corcoran and Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James, respectively Vocal Adrenaline’s director and main attraction – and the added scheming. Honestly, though, I more or less don’t care about the plot – I just want the numbers!  I especially liked the Finn-centric version of The Doors’ “Hello, I Love You” and the closing group “Hello Goodbye” (originally by The Beatles).

Looking forward to fresh episodes in the coming weeks – especially Kurt getting a jock boyfriend. I hope they further explore characters besides Finn, Rachel, Will etc – then I’d probably get more invested in the plot. At the moment it does just seem to be Finn/Rachel skating around each other and Will/Emma wanting o be together but constantly coming up against obstacles.

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