The Dollhouse closes

Sigh. Just finished watching the last episode of Dollhouse, eva. Eyes are wet as to be expected. It’s been a bumpy ride (dud eps in S1 and a poor start to S2), but overall, one I’ve enjoyed.

“Epitaph Two” ended the series on a satisfying and emotional note – “The Hollow Men” certainly didn’t do the trick.

I’ve never been convinced about the romance between Echo/Caroline and Ballard, but in the final five minutes or so, it finally sank in. The blurry visuals that were ostensibly of Echo’s inner world were a little cheesy but sweet (as were the words exchanged within it). I’m guessing the envelope by the chair was a final gift from Alpha, who I enjoyed seeing again, not least because I’m still mourning the loss of Alan Tudyk’s Wash.

I also liked the new elements of mythology introduced, with the Tech Heads led by Anthony/Victor, and the depiction of the back-to-basics life of Adelle and Priya. These kind of details prove that given more seasons, Whedon had rich material to spin out.

I would have liked Amy Acker to have reappeared, but I spose that means she died when she turned on the sleepy-gas for the Butchers. Especially because I feel that Acker would have made a better central character, she has a lot more range than Eliza Dushku – Angel‘s A Hole in the World, and the gulf between Fred and Illyria, is an incredible example of this.

Other than that, I can’t really fault the episode. Yes, it was all a bit rushed, but that’s to be expected.

I’m not sure if I wish Dollhouse had more seasons or not. Selfishly, I feel content when something wraps up because then I can move onto new things, and at least in this case, there was a proper resolution. But I would have definitely kept watching it, at least for another season, as long as it continued to sprinkle jaw-dropping episodes about. (And pruning the stinkers.)

As it stands, Dollhouse is definitely a show I will re-watch. Unforgettable characters, heavy issues explored in an interesting way, distinctive visuals and superfun guest stars.

Out of Whedon’s shows, for me, it comes third, after Angel and Buffy, and before Firefly. I preferred it to Firefly because of the themes of sex trafficking and identity, although Firefly was definitely more consistent in terms of quality. I hope hope hope Whedon goes to cable for his next TV series!

So to all those that fell – Bennett, Ballard, Boyd (lotta Bs! And I wonder if Boyd’s anagram Body means much – it must do), Topher, Mellie, Whiskey/Claire – and those that live on to aid the True World…

I will remember you!

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