NaNoWriMo N-sanity

I am certifiably insane. Despite the fact I have an already heavy schedule of copy-editing, feature-writing and recently added gymming to all this… I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo – National November Writing Month – a worldwide competition in which professional and amateur writers attempt to complete 50,000 words of a fiction novel between Nov. 1-30. Starting from scratch, writing-wise, although character sketches/outlines were allowed. I started last Sunday, 8 days late to the party, and with only a vague idea in mind.

There are no judges and no prizes… just the magical motivation of a deadline. Which is pretty much the only way I ever get anything written…
Although today I’m having a really uninspiring day… and writing utter, depressing drivel… and my chances of completing this are actually quite slim… I think I like this activity, I think it will be a good exercise.
Because I know what I want to do most in life is be a novelist… I’ve known it since I was four… but I have kept putting it off.
The last time I really created fiction was after I finished my BA, and when I had a boring secretarial job, which forced me to find some way to fill my time in front of the computer that didn’t involve Facebook.
And since then I’ve found a million reasons to put it off… Masters, job, sadness, whatever… and so far, this exercise has taught me that if you want to be a fiction writer… you have to… WRITE FICTION. Even if its bad, just do it. So I’ll get back to that now…
Click below to see the Wordle of my 7,825 words so far…
Wordle: The Witch's Weed

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