How do I feel? What do I say? In the end it all goes away! (Sugar!)

It’s a funny old world.

Instead of dealing with said world, how about a dram of escapism? I love the fact that I didn’t come across this until I’d actually read Atlas Shrugsif famous authors wrote fanfiction. It features Anne Rice’s take on LOTR, Nicholas Sparks on Star Wars (although it could easily be Mitch Albom instead!), David Sedaris on Harry Potter and, best of all, Ayn Rand on Buffy. Can you imagine anything more perfect? It doesn’t contain any spoilers beyond the most basic premises (so if you didn’t want to know that there’s vampires in Buffy…well oops, it’s too late now). On the subject of fanfiction, I discovered Neil Gaiman’s explanation of slash which was great, especially this part “It’s normally written by extremely nice ladies. I have several very sane, respected, and respectable friends who write slash fiction, and do not try to make me read it”. I’ve also been feeling quite a lot of love for his song I Google You. I recommend reading through the interesting comments on that post, and not only because NG popped by to post the lyrics. I now really want to read The Physics of the Buffyverse, yes a book about the science of Buffy has been published. Ask me again why I love fandom. It sounds like such an interesting book, as does Ouellette‘s other book Black Bodies and Quantum Cats. I love science, especially biology and physics, and was semi-seriously considering dropping out of SOAS in my second year to go and study physics somewhere (not that I’d be able to with no appropriate A levels). I think that was probably fuelled by reading The Science of the Discworld, which is a wonderfully eloquent (and passionate) book. The fact that Ouellette was actually an English major who accidentally ended up doing science writing makes it all the more interesting and appealing to me.

On the subject of awesome bloggers I simply have to pimp the Saved By The Bell Quote of the Day blog, could there be a better idea for an online journal ever? Then, mixing my segues like others blend metaphorical cocktails, I’m going to wax poetical about a couple more lists. I always love those lists of the sexiest wo/men because they combine some of my favourite things: hotties, listing and the opportunity to get annoyed by something irrelevant. Often these lists include some really great irreverent commentary (I assume because I’m the only one who actually reads it they can get away with some brilliant randomness). The (who, and also what?) 50 hottest women on TV list managed to throw in what I’d have to literally call bon mots, for example on the subject of America Ferrera:

“Yes, this sure is a big, funny world, isn’t it? Throw some braces, bushy eyebrows and bad outfits on a beautiful young woman, and by Hollywood standards, you’ve got someone “ugly”. Of course, we all know that Hollywood is the perfect arbiter of female body images. After all, they’ve done a bang up job in the past, so why should now be any different? … it’s about time the rest of the industry picked up on just how sexy those curves are.”

Their choice for number 1 also made me very happy (a rare occurrence indeed when it comes to these lists). Mary-Louise Parker is indeed a buff ting, and Weeds is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

The letters page of Buffy season 8, ep 17 introduced excellent concept to me- pronoia. It’s the opposite of paranoia, and apparently is the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings. Honestly that is sometimes how I feel when I get to feed my obsessions, yay there are shiny, pretty things! I did get around to reading Sugarshock! the other day too. It’s up on myspace but I don’t think the transitions are made very clear, so if you want to check it out here’s part onetwo and three. It’s not the deepest thing in the world, but it’s a really fun comic and you don’t have to get too invested in it. I’d definitely recommend it and can see why it won awards.

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