Hey mamma!

This is my little sister’s final week in England before she returns to Indonesia, and I’d planned fun for every evening, so that we could both make the most of the rest of her time here. Sadly, when I got home, she wasn’t there. I charged up my constantly dying phone and found that she’d actually be staying down south until Wednesday morning, as its one of her best friend’s birthday celebrations tomorrow. So I found myself alone and at a loss. Also pretty much broke, as I’ve been having bankcard issues and although I’ve finally got a new card, I’m still waiting another “5-7 working days” for the fricking pin. What fun can be had without a pin number or cash? I went on a wander around my little part of London, and it seems that you can feast at Pret a Manger and go to the cinema. So I did. I decided to watch Mamma Mia — I’ve been oddly excited about this since I saw the trailer months ago, despite my until now ambivalence towards all things Abba.

And it was… (mind the pun)… Abba-solutely Fabulous! 🙂 It’s been awhile since I had so much fun at the cinema. The theatre was oddly packed for a Monday night and the audience was already in giggles even before the film started.

I’m not sure that this was exactly a film… it was more a series of rather surreal musical numbers strung together by lots of hysterical running around by the female characters. But all the better for it. Mamma Mia knew it was camp fun and totally embraced this. There was Meryl Streep pretending to be a boat figurehead with yards of fabric billowing about, warbling Money Money Money like her life depended on it. Pierce Brosnan honking SOS very oddly and endearingly at various points, much to the audience’s utter mirth. Colin Firth in a dog collar and eyeliner, strumming a painted guitar. Julie Walters chasing Stellan Skarsgard like a woman possessed. Christine Baranski bringing dozens of young men to their knees. I don’t know how they got all these respected thespians to do these bizarre things (money money money?), but I’m glad they did.

I want to watch it again. I’m forcing Sketchy to come. And I want to go dancing afterwards!

3 thoughts on “Hey mamma!

  1. I have ambivalent feelings towards Mamma Mia. On the one hand it looks like maybe I could vaguely enjoy it in a campy, fun way mostly I think that I would get angry at the way they’ve cast Meryl Streep.But I liked the St Trinian’s film, so what do I know?

  2. Oh, Meryl looks like she’s having a blast. And she gets to snog Pierce Brosnan, which is quite lucky I feel. I’ve fancied him since his Remington Steele days… mmm… Go on, you know you want to!

  3. Ew you can keep Pierce all to yourself!I still haven’t forgiven him for being such a bastard in Mrs Doubtfire.

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