Sex sells on the silver screen

I finally got around to watching this last night, along with Pygmy and Doc. Unfortunately I don’t have the time now or in the next couple of days to give it a proper review (I’m dashing off to see my grandmother in less than an hour), but I did really enjoy it. Its what you want from a night at the movies sometimes, laughs and slight tugs at heartstrings. Pygmy kept welling up, which I found highly amusing. I thought that it had lost its edge a bit, which was odd because I thought the big screen would allow them to push even more boundaries (as with The Simpsons Movie) and there was a bit too much toilet humour (poor Charlotte!). Charlotte was obviously designated as the comic relief in the film, probably as they couldn’t figure out what else to do with her character.

The whole thing though felt weirdly culty, I haven’t experienced anything like that when watching a film, even when I went to the world premiere of Enchanted (Patrick Dempsey! Lush!). When we got there there were mile-long queues of exciteable women waiting to get in, and there were signs all over encouraging us to buy bottles of white wine to enjoy with the movie! We didn’t though, but I was tempted. Pygmy had to pee twice as it was. There was also a very strict bouncer, letting us in ten at a time. Evidently they don’t trust hoardes of women to act sensibly, especially when it comes to designer heels and cocktails.

Anyway I better make a move… I’m going to see lots of the old girls from college tonight which should be great fun!

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