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 Snoopy writing "It was a dark and stormy night-"

Writers like to write about writers. It’s part of that whole ‘write what you know’ thing. So no surprise that there’s often a wayward scribe in some of our favourite TV shows. Are the shows’ creators writing their own lives through those characters, or are they just creating an ideal?

Let’s check some examples!

Hank Moody – Californication

Hank writing drunk

 Hank is your stereotypical self-destructive writer type. Which is cool, because even though he messes up a lot, you kind of like him. And he’s apparently some super talented writer that people fall all over themselves to please (or sleep with). Hank uses the things in his life to write his books, like his affairs with crazy people and experiences with rock stars, but the writing never seems to be the thing that matters. Being a writer is just an excuse for him to behave like a crazy child with no care for the consequences. Later, when his daughter wants to be a writer, it’s because she’s seen that the lifestyle is all sex, drugs, rock and roll. Maybe that’s how they roll in California. Over on this side of the pond, professional writing is more about mainlining caffeine and trying to write your edits without getting too jittery. But maybe I’m missing out on a party.

Back to Life

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Veronica Mars then and now

It’s springtime! The weather’s getting nicer, there’s blossom in sight and, I don’t know, there’s likely newborn lambs frolicking somewhere around. It’s the perfect time to celebrate themes of rebirth, and what better way to do that than with the release of the Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie? And a giveaway – all the details about it are below!

That’s right, dreams really can come true and cult TV shows can get a second lease of life with a crowd-funded film to continue the story!

Veronica Mars hat

Veronica Mars, a show about a Private Investigator’s daughter solving crimes in a California town, ran for three seasons but suffered from low ratings and despite its teen characters was an odd fit for its network (UPN, until that merged with the WB into  the CW) with its dark themes and determined focus on race and class. After its unceremonious cancellation, creator Rob Thomas made a trailer for a more grown up potential fourth season featuring Veronica beginning a career at the FBI, but that came to naught and a new season never materialised.

An Irishman for Valentine’s

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Why is it that those of foreign descent are so much more attractive to us than our fellow countrymen?  More exotic. F or decades the Italians and the French have ruled the romance scene. And the Irish? Well, they have a certain je ne sais quoi about them – OK, that’s the French, and actually, we do know what it is – it’s the accent. Who doesn’t love an Irish accent? Sexy, lilting, difficult to understand…! And if it’s not the accent, it’s the eyes, and if not the eyes, the smile. And in some cases all three.

Check out my picks to see if you agree!

Colin Farrell


He slips easily between his thick Dublin accent and a Texan drawl, although we prefer his Irish lilt. Known in the past for being a bad boy,  his ‘jobs’ mirror this.  Nemesis to a superhero,  a ruthless assassin. A soldier, a king, a horrible boss. He’s certainly pushing the boat out in the testosterone stakes, although he has a fear of phone booths and makes all calls via his cell phone.


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